Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of working with Yetter Farm Equipment. It is a partnership that we value greatly for many reasons. We feel that Yetter not only continues to be progressive but they listen to the farmer and understand their wants and needs. We have been lucky enough to be involved in 2 projects with Yetter that we feel confident will be helpful to many growers. We are very proud of both the Strip Freshener and the N Keeper and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with everyone at Yetter!

Fast applicators and sprayers have by far been our most popular products in the past 3 years. Both the machines and the people are FAST are an absolute pleasure to work with. As far as quality is concerned these machines are by far #1 and FAST is great company to work with that stands behind each and every piece of their equipment. 

As long time strip till advocates we not only preach conservation tillage but we also practice it. We have been working with Orthman Manufacturing for 5 years and have been running a 1tRIPr on our farm for 8 years. We believe the 1tRIPr is the toughest strip till row unit out there and have put it to the test and pushed it to it's limits for years. Our business was built around our love for strip till and the 1tRIPr has played a big part in that. Over the years we have created a number of attachments for the 1tRIPr to help personalize the row unit for growers dealing with various types of conditions. The first attachment was the spring tillage attachment which consists of 2 wavy coulters on a shank which replaces the deep tillage knife for spring use. We also offer a concave rolling basket and "bermer" for those wanting to create a taller strip. 

​We also offer a diverse line of planter attachments from Precision planting, poly tanks from EnduraPlas, discounted combine parts from CFC Distributors, Raven products, and Smucker camera systems. We also build and install anhydrous controllers.